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Rooster Recommends: Fun & educational video channels for kids πŸ“Ό

How we watch TV has evolved significantly from when we were younger. Gone are the Video cassettes and DVDs of old, or waking up early on a Saturday morning in eager anticipation of your favourite TV series! Now many of us are streaming shows on-demand, and as a result we’re seeing lots of great content getting created for families to watch, whenever and wherever they want to! If you

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πŸ“πŸ‘‘ Rooster Hero: Lucy Warwick Ching

Our 'Rooster Heroes' series brings you financial experts from all over the world, asking them 10 quick fire questions on all things pocket money and allowances - so you learn from the best. This month we spoke to Lucy Warwick-Ching. Lucy is an editor extraordinaire at the Financial Times specialising in personal finance. A working parent, Lucy also produces the weekly FT Money Show podcast and writes the Family Money

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Going into holiday mode β›±

With many kids starting their school vacations, routine gets disrupted, and in some cases this includes the allowance routine as well. Back in February, we ran a poll in our newsletter asking if family's allowance routines changed over the holidays and 74% said it did to a certain extent. With that in mind, there are a few RoosterMoney features that can help you easily adapt to the changes that come

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5 crafty ways to teach kids about money

Learning how to handle money can be tricky. So tricky that a lot of adults are still yet to master it. So teaching children how to deal with money can seem like a real minefield. Not only do you have to educate them about handling cash and coins, and addition and subtraction, but you also have to teach them about physical money vs digital money, saving and planning ahead, and

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Families can now access RoosterMoney from their Amazon Alexa devices

You can search for the 'RoosterMoney' skill from your Amazon Alexa app and Enable it for your family. Use your parent login details to link you account and then say 'Alexa, open RoosterMoney'! We developed the RoosterMoney skill for Amazon Alexa to act as a family hub where everyone can find out how much is owed to who, who earned the most and who spent the least. And for family's

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