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Top tips to teach your kids the value of money

We are often asked what our top tips our on how to teach the value of money. I thought I would put down some of my learnings on what families using RoosterMoney have done. Teaching with pennies will prepare them for pounds As with anything, start small before going big. The earlier you can get children into handling money – which can just be counting out combinations of 1, 2 and

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Year of the Rooster Competition!

Calling all budding artists! To celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Rooster, we’re looking for brilliant pictures of a Rooster! Draw one, make one, paint one – whatever you and your kids want to do! Once you've done your piece, you can share it on instagram or twitter tagging #RoosterMoneyComp #YearOfTheRooster (be sure to follow us - @rooster_money or @roostermoneyhq), or email us at, and

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Christmas Super Savers!

The Christmas Carols are being piped through the supermarket speakers, the mountains of cardboard promotions are carefully positioned to collapse into your trolley as you push past. And you really hope that the kids are watching the box sets in the hope that they won’t be deluged with the latest Hasbro ads. Yep, it’s Christmas! Which has got us thinking about ways you can use this festive time

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A Christmas Giveaway!

It’s time for RoosterMoney’s very first competition for the chance to win one of two £50 Amazon vouchers! We’re getting into the holiday spirit and want to share the love with our users both old and new. We’re looking for snaps of you and your families’ #PocketMoneyTales, whether it’s showing off that new toy they just saved up for, that grin when they’ve got

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Taking stuff to a charity shop? Get your children involved!

After our post on teaching kids the value of money I thought I would follow up with one of my favourite ways of putting that into practice! Last weekend we carted a car boot full of stuff to our local charity shop. Old Clothes that we didn’t think would sell for much on Ebay, books that looked nice on the shelf but were definitely never going to be read

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