Getting Started with RoosterMoney


“Before using RoosterMoney, my kids would receive ad-hoc amounts from friends and family and would store it all over the place. They now know exactly how much they have and how long they have been saving for.”

--Lucinda, mum of three

You’ve joined thousands of other families in getting pocket money sorted. Below you’ll find some tips to make the most of RoosterMoney.

RoosterMoney is...

easy to use, allowing you and your children to keep track of pocket money

fun for kids, keeping them engaged and on track

free for you and your family to use without any payment information or deposits

5 things you need to know about using RoosterMoney

  • You and a second parent/guardian can keep track of all of your children’s pocket money on devices that instantly sync on the go. It's easy to add another guardian to RoosterMoney via your account settings.

  • It's simple to keep track of spending and saving. Use Remove when money has been spent. This works well when out and about at the shops or when buying things online. Use Boost to add money to their account.

  • You can start your child building good saving habits by encouraging them to create Goals to save towards, like a bike or that mega box of Lego. Or that Unicorn they want. Both you and they can keep an eye on progress!

  • Over the course of your family's pocket money journey, celebrate progress with your child by recognising saving milestones and achieving Goals using the Progress feature.

  • Easily encourage your kids to save some of their pocket money by getting them to use the Safe to put some aside.

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