Getting Started with PLUS

Exciting news: RoosterPLUS is here! We’ve listened to parents and children alike and created additional building blocks to power up your RoosterMoney account - and now you can involve the entire family!

Here are 4 ways to get the most out of PLUS:

1) Encourage your child to earn

Maybe your child earns their pocket money through chores or maybe you just want to set a one-off reward. The Jobs feature is a useful framework to help you do whatever works best for your family. You can even add a note of photo of the chore so your child can see what needs to be done and make the connection between completing tasks and earning pocket money.

To get started, tap Jobs from the menu at the bottom of the Child Dashboard and set an Allowance and or One-Off job. Good luck!

2) Make savings super fun

It can be hard to get children to save or understand why they need to set money aside for a rainy day. With Interest, you can incentivise saving so that your kids earn more depending on what’s in their Safe. It’s also a great way to help explain real-world financial concepts to children and get them genuinely excited about saving! We’ve also made it super easy to take a slice of weekly or monthly allowance straight to the Safe. Using Auto-savings, you can set how much you want of the set allowance to go straight into savings.

You can access Interest and Auto-savings from the More menu from your child’s dashboard.

3) Get your kid thinking about budgeting

Sometimes there are things we spend on every week, which can help kickstart budgeting in your family! Our Regulars feature makes it easier to deal with those regular outgoings like charity donations or magazines subscriptions. PLUS also encourages your child to understand how much they need to earn to meet their Regulars and whether they’re behind (and to find more ways to earn)!

From the More menu, you can tap Regulars to add some weekly or monthy outgoings or see whether your child is on track!

4) Involve everyone!

We know that more than two people are often involved in a child’s life, so now you can involve the whole family with RoosterPLUS. The added benefit is that with more people involved and contributing on the pocket money journey, the more these moneywise habits can get ingrained. Add as many guardians as you like - gran, granddad, aunties and uncles!

To add a guardian, go into Parent Settings, and tap Additional Guardians.

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