Taking stuff to a charity shop? Get your children involved!

After our post on teaching kids the value of money I thought I would follow up with one of my favourite ways of putting that into practice!

Last weekend we carted a car boot full of stuff to our local charity shop. Old Clothes that we didn’t think would sell for much on Ebay, books that looked nice on the shelf but were definitely never going to be read again and lots of paraphernalia that might be useful to someone else but were just filling our cupboards.

If you are thinking about taking some of your families stuff to a charity shop get your kids involved – both in choosing the things to go (it could be interesting to see what they do and don’t value out of their possessions) and also researching the charity shop they want to take them to. Learning about how charities use donations can be a great way to get children to focus on the causes that charities support and how effective they are (a whole other lesson too)!

If you end up taking stuff, make sure that you sign up to their Gift Aid scheme if they have one – they will get a further 25p in the £1. Many will send you an update on how much the items raised and you can share it with your children – they will appreciate how much their items are worth second-hand and the reward will be that they have supported a good cause!

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