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Children's Privacy Policy

Data privacy is of utmost importance to us at RoosterMoney and we felt it was very important for children to better understand data privacy and their own rights over their data. With our next app release (v3.14.0), we're so excited to share our new Children's Privacy Policy, which serves as both an educational guide for your children and informative on RoosterMoney's policies. We've tried to convey quite a

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Going into holiday mode ⛱

With many kids starting their school vacations, routine gets disrupted, and in some cases this includes the allowance routine as well. Back in February, we ran a poll in our newsletter asking if family's allowance routines changed over the holidays and 74% said it did to a certain extent. With that in mind, there are a few RoosterMoney features that can help you easily adapt to the changes that come

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Families can now access RoosterMoney from their Amazon Alexa devices

You can search for the 'RoosterMoney' skill from your Amazon Alexa app and Enable it for your family. Use your parent login details to link you account and then say 'Alexa, open RoosterMoney'! We developed the RoosterMoney skill for Amazon Alexa to act as a family hub where everyone can find out how much is owed to who, who earned the most and who spent the least. And for family's

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Rooster Recommends: Ted Talks that inspire 📽

All of us at RoosterHQ enjoy a good Ted Talk. They're short, insightful and a lot of the time, they're funny and entertaining too! From engaging ways to get children into engineering, to the small questions asked that can lead to the next big scientific discovery, we recommend these 3 videos that you and your kids can watch together, which may inspire them to ask more questions and discover answers,

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🐓👑 Rooster Hero: Tom Hartmann

Our 'Rooster Heroes' series brings you financial experts from all over the world, asking them 10 quick fire questions on all things pocket money and allowances - so you learn from the best. They're all leaders in their field, and they're all people we at RoosterMoney admire. This month we spoke to Tom Hartmann. Tom is the Personal Finance Editor of the Commission for Financial Capability in New Zealand. Regularly

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