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11 ways to teach kids about money this summer

It’s the Summer Holidays! The kids are ecstatic, and parents are perhaps a little….apprehensive – How will we keep them occupied? Where should we go? How much will it cost? Well why not use the opportunity to start engaging the kids with some basic money concepts that will not only be fun, but also create good habits for life? Here’s our tips on how to use the summer

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Last week we met Sally Oddy, founder of It’s a wonderful site all about connecting mums and giving them a much needed space to share their experiences. We loved the idea so wanted to find out more about the service, Sally's experiences running it, and of course, her views on pocket money... Describe what is in its simplest terms? MeetOtherMums is a national friendship matching

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Get your kids logged in to RoosterMoney!

RoosterMoney can work brilliantly just for one parent managing pocket money. But it works even better if you get the whole family involved! If they aren't already, get your kids logging in and taking responsibility for their cash. Your kids can log in to their account just like you. From their account, they can see how much pocket money they have, create goals to save towards, put money in their

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Getting Started with RoosterMoney

Welcome! “Before using RoosterMoney, my kids would receive ad-hoc amounts from friends and family and would store it all over the place. They now know exactly how much they have and how long they have been saving for.” --Lucinda, mum of three You’ve joined thousands of other families in getting pocket money sorted. Below you’ll find some tips to make the most of RoosterMoney. RoosterMoney is... easy to

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Top tips to teach your kids the value of money

We are often asked what our top tips our on how to teach the value of money. I thought I would put down some of my learnings on what families using RoosterMoney have done. Teaching with pennies will prepare them for pounds As with anything, start small before going big. The earlier you can get children into handling money – which can just be counting out combinations of 1, 2 and

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