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Spring Cleaning - money making hacks for your kids

Spring is in the air! Well at least for us at RoosterHQ and with Spring comes the annual attempt to declutter and deep clean. Fear not, it's time for you to sit back, take a supervisory role and kick start some earning and learning with the kids. And for our families down under saying goodbye to their Summer, Spring cleaning doesn't have to happen in Spring, you just get to

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Giving just got better

We've teamed up with JustGiving, the world's most trusted online fundraising platform, to make it easier for you to make a donation within the App 🎉 We know that lots of families on RoosterMoney are passionate about supporting charities. Getting your kids into Giving can be a great opportunity to get them thinking about the causes and issues they are really passionate about supporting and looking at what impact their donations

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🐓👑 Rooster Hero: Bruce Sellery

Welcome to the third in our 'Rooster Heroes' series - bringing you financial experts that we've interviewed on all things pocket money and allowances with 10 quick fire questions. They're all leaders in their field, and they're all people we at RoosterMoney admire. This month we spoke to Bruce Sellery. Bruce is one of Canada's leading personal finance experts and a best selling author of 'Moolala: why smart people do

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Rooster Family Story: Meet Sam and Miesha

Meet Sam and Miesha. Their father, Tim, has been using RoosterMoney with them for a year now and sent this wonderful video in capturing exactly what they think of it. We love the detail in here on how much pocket money they get each week, how they earn it, and even that Sam know's the password to his Mum's iPad! Tim says he "loves the appreciation it gives them for

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🐓👑 Rooster Hero: Moira O'Neill

Welcome back to our 'Rooster Heroes' series. Each month we're bringing you a new Hero that we've interviewed on all things pocket money and allowances with 10 quick fire questions. They're all experts in their field, and they all have one thing in common, they're people we at RoosterMoney admire. The idea is to bring you the best viewpoints and advice from around the world. This month we spoke to

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